Our Adopted Daughter Cathy and Her Family

          From the following pictures you will begin to see how Cathy began to grow with Her family.  I will be adding new pic's as they become available with dates included.

          If you click on any picture it will open up a larger view of that picture then hit the back arrow an you are back to this page again to view other pictures.


Sarah painting Her babies room

How many Mothers do you know that painted their babies room? Not many She would have the Husband do it.

Signing in all the paper work

Sarah wants to be sure the paper work is all correct when She leaves the hopital with the Baby.

I had a wild thought about this picture

I would guess She was thinking I am here now and lets get this show on the road.

She's just about to dream land

So when can a Lady get some sleep around here?

Sarah and Savanah's heart in sync

Both were on line to make sure that Mom and Baby were both doing well.

I was there for support

Sarah was doing just great this being Her first baby.

Oboy I am glad to have this one

I can't wait til Savanah's has Her sweet 16 birthday party to show Her friends how cute She was then.

Finally some place warm

All that measuring stuff out in the cold gave me a chill.

Wrapped up tight

You would think I was going out in a snow storm or something the way I am wrapped up...


Finally I get to hold my own baby..

This is Gary Hebert

Gary has recently entered in to the Nash's lives as a you guessed Cathy's new bow...

Please no more blankets

What's with all the baby blankets?

Ahhh I see why now

I guess the more blankets the less chance of me getting some germs for people??

Just making sure one more time

One can only imagine what goes through a young Mothers mind at times like this.

Just hours old and captivating

Yes Savanah had my undivided attention as I talked to Her she listed to my soft words of incourgemant.

See we know how and when to smile

Grandma took this picture of us and said smile an we both looked at Cathy at the same time.

Yeah I am a great looking kid at this early age

Well what do expect me to say, I had a great looking Mom and a awesum looking Grand Mother

Yes I kinda like this big guy holding me

So big and strong I mena what was my smile about if it wasn't an approval of the big lug.

A very proud Mother

Sarah you are doing a great job with your daughter. Your Mom will be there is case you need help.

Savanahs welcomeing committee

Savanah has lots of Aunts and Uncles

Another family of aunts and Uncles

Some very close friends

Let me check Her out some more

Aunt Violet was wanting a closer inspection.

A younger Aunt and cousin

Tabathia had to see for Herself that everything was alright too.

A happy Great Aunt if I saw one

Yes Kathy you were smiling like there was no tomorrow here.

Roses for the occasion

For that special day.

More pretties

What Lady doesn't like flowers anytime?

Sarah received lots of balloons

She got a bounch of them too.

More balloons

More than I cae to tell you about.

Some fancy balloons for the ocassion

Yes Sarah received a lot of these...

A happy Nurse that was there for Sarah

They were making sure everything was allright with Baby and Mom.

Another pround Nurse who was there for Sarah

They are the best when it comes to making sure everything is alright for Mom and Daughter.

Hey Mom their taking our picture

Mom you are not looking at the camera.

Sarah you did a great job.

She is very beautiful you have every right to smile and you looked at the camera finally.

Cathy you look like a proud GrandMother

You have every right to be a proud Mom and happy GrandMother if I ever saw one.

Savanah you are having fun now

You are looking very beautiful and photogenic if I do say so myself sweetie at 3 months.

GrandMa's working

A Grand Mothers work is never done around the house as you can see here.