Doriann and Scott's visit

            I want to introduce you to one of my Nieces and Her boyfriend Scott who came out in 2010 to visit me this year.  As you can see from the photo's here I was one happy Uncle to see them.

          If you click on any picture it will open up a larger view of that picture then hit the back arrow an you are back to this page again to view other pictures.

            In the next month or so I will have some pictures of Doriann's son an I plan on going out there for the big event and do some of my famous southern style cooking for them....

            Update about these two, they got hitched and they has a little boy named James.  I have several pictures to add but need to copy them from another computer and then up load them here with my usual comments about the picture.



Dressed for the Mardi Gras

I had to do some talking to get Dori to pose for this picture but the rest I got easier...

Welcome to the Mardi Gras

Yes Dori and Scott were having a blast.

Dorian Aunt Sharon and Scott

How could we not have a picture of the family get together?

Dorian Uncle Paul and Scott

As many times I went to El Paso it was great that they came to visit me during the Mardi Gras. I was in hog heaven.

Uncle Paul you know I wanted these

If you though for one moment that Dorian was going to come here and not have a mess of crawdads boy were you mistaken.

Cousins meeting cousins for the first time

Dorian, Kimberly, Ivy, and Scott meeting for the first time here for the Mardi Gras I was having a time.

Nite time parades

It got a bit chilly but with the excitement of the parades it wasn't hardly felt

You will have to look close at this one

When you open up this picture you will see the La Fiesta logo on Scott's jacket.