Here we are snoozing in GrandPaws easy chair.  Then after we are getting ready for the Mardi Gras and all that partying that goes along with it.  Don't forget to look at the other photo album's there is of us going to the Mardi Gras along with Mom, Grandpa, and my cousin Sara from New York.

     So next year I expect my other cousin Ivy to come down here so we can have a bigger party at Grandpa's in 2009.  So if you click on Ivy's name you will be taking to Her photo album too.   I will be running by then and my cousin Ivy should be up an walking somewhat. HE and Sara will be having a blast just keeping up with us too.  Boy Grandpa will have some interesting video's and pictures to add to this web site too.


Chowing Down

This was the first of five pics that Christopher took while visiting back in January

Notice Her hands

Yes I'm snoozing but She's holding on....

Very comfortable

Yes we are very safe and comfortable when Chris took this picture of us sleeping

A close up

She is difinately safe and comfortable in GrandPaws arms

Where's the party at

I came down here to see a parade so where are they?

Yes I am beautiful

Well I am very beautiful says my Grandpa

Good grief can't a Lady have some privacy

Well you don't get beautiful with out taking a bath ever so often.

OK now where's the food at

Dang Mom I'm hungry where's the food now?

Beg nets will do for now.

But Mom I need some dinner before desert OK????

HEY Look at me I can dance.

I'm doing the two step bossa nova I can dance Daddy Look at me I'm dancing.

OK, Now throw me something MR.

I did say it right this time didn't I?