My Garage work in Progress

            As you can see from the first and last pictures here that my garage was severely damage by Katrina.  When I started to fix things up that is when I found out I had more damage done by those pesky termites than I thought.  So I had to replace all the structural plywood and 2 by's under all the new siding than I anticipated along with termite treatment as prescribed by Pestop.  All of the new wood was treated by a 20 percent mix greater than called for to extend the normal range of the time as called for as a minimum amount for a year time limit.  I wanted to make sure these pest were stopped cold in their tracks.  Here is the link to Pestop's web site to check them out and how to save yourself some money too.

            So here is a history of work as it has progressed including work I had to redo because of Gustof.   So on to the show folks....

            Since I did all the work below it seems that all the priming and two top coats of white finish painting didn't stop the water from getting thru to the plywood underneath.  So I removed it all to the studs and you guessed it termite treated all the plywood as a matter of prevention against the termites and then installed vinyl siding and I am sure water will not get to the plywood underneath.

        If you click on any picture it will open up a larger view of that picture then hit the back arrow an you are back to this page again to view other pictures.



My First shot of Garage

Look at the lower left side where bottom siding was blown off.

Here I have removed and replaced wood

That brand new piece of wood is a 2x12x16 treated and sprayed as a back up. The first corner has been removed too as will other sections.

Work finished before Gustov hit.

I thought things were going so well then you guess it.

Now Gustov hits me

Now I had to remove lots of it all over and replace it. This was getting to be a job.

Some pic from left side

That piece of white stuff is absolutely termite proof cause it is a cement composition material.

Outside moving along

The front is starting to take shape.

More work on the front

As you can see I have replaced more of the front side of the second floor walls.

The primer is a base coat

I had previousely installed the siding with some primer but after the hurricane I removed the sideing and resanded so the new primer would take hold.

A trimed out finish of the Front

All the siding installed has been back primed then front has been primed and then a finish coat with green trim on the side and vinyl coated aluminum facial.

Look at the lower left side

If you zoom in on the lower left side of garage you will notice the new first layer of plywood on the 2x4 wall.

Inside view of the new work

If you notice the new green wood I had to raise the second floor to put it there. This was a big job for one guy but knowledge of raising a building helped me do it.

Serious termite damage

You ask how did I replace this damaged wood with new stuff? Next pic please.

I used three six ton jacks

With a 2X6 attached to the upper wall I raised the second floor in order to change out the 2X12 and 2X4 wall plates.

New siding over felt

Again both new plywood and 2 by 4's were treated then covered with felt before the 4x8 siding was placed over the felt.

New plywood to the ridge

I used all the plywood I had inside the garage so I can have full sheets for the left side all termite treated from PestStop.

A finished right side

Since the front has been finished and the left side too now the rights side is done the back is the biggest part to finish.

A finished front side

It does look better than the first picture in this collection of work in progress?

The beginning of the backside repair.

The beginning of the removing the under siding and replacement with the new treated plywood complements of PestStop.

More removal along the back side.

This was the tough part not having lots of room to work in a 5' space but it took a bit longer but it got done.

Lots of damaged plywood removed.

New plywood and 2x12 ribbon replaced with the wall and top plates more fun to raise and replace than meets the eye.

New plywood going up

As you can see new treated plywood then covered with felt to protect the new wood also act a moisture barrier between the inner and outer layer of plywood.

More felt coverings

I used lots of felt covering all the new base plywood installed.

Getting to the top of things

This last row at the top was the hardest to do so it was very slow in doing.

The left side in the works

As you can see the new plywood was covered as the old was being replaced.

Up we go

When I got to this point I was able to get inside to treat the wood with termite juice cause I didn't know where they would be hiding.

Just about finished

A couple pieces left then covering it with the new primed sheets of siding.

Finally another finished side

This was a job to complete by ones self but when we built it in '85 I had two boys 9 and 11 who did most of the work.

Another view of the damage

This picture was taken from across the street after Katrina came through our neighborhood. In front of my truck is someones tin roof.