Grand Babies 1 and 2

        In another section of photo's you will see Grand Baby number 3.  This is Sara's younger sister.  I can hardly wait till She, Ivy, is old enough to travel with Her older sister Sara.

        Now here are some pictures when both Granddaughters and Daughter in law was here for the Mardi Gras last year in 2008.  There was a Kodak moment here too.  I hope you enjoy viewing the pictures as well as I did enjoying their company.

Bridgets arrival

The way to welcome a realative or visitor to Naw'lins, is there any other way?

Mardi Gras finger food

Well this will due til Mom gets busy heheha

Yes I'm here to party

Thank you for the fancy hat and boa Grandpa.

A Special Moment among Cousins

Sara just finished feeding Gabby and was watching Her as She slept.

So this is what a little girl is all about

My sister Sharon wants one more Baby and a little girl is why She has Larry to hold on to Gabrella to get used to holding a another Baby.

I wonder who is having more fun

Friday nite parade was supposed to be one but others were rained out earlier paraded tonight too.

Friday night was great

Because earlier parades were rained out 4 parades marched this nite and Sara raked in the beads.

Look Mom no hands on two wheels

WOW that was fun I'm glad Mom wasn't here to see me do this She would have had a hissy fit. heheheha

Bertie She was having a great time

She had a wonderful time with Sara.

Oh yeah Happy Mardi Gras

Sarah and Beckie (a neighbors granddaughter) made fast friends so I got permission for Her to come with us that day and they had the time of their lives.

I have more beads as ya'll can see

Hi ya Grandma wish you were here with us.