Ivy letting the world know she has arrived


        Well here is the first photo of many that was taken when She was just a couple hours old.  Boy did She let the world She was here too.  The first few shots was with a flash that I later turned off since the rest were better with out.

        And before you knew it here was Ivy at Her first Mardi Gras and did She have a time of it.

        There are some pictures when She was in school strutting to the music in kindergarten and there is one from up in New York when She was in the first grade in Her new school dress.

        Then there are a few when we took our trip out to El Paso to visit Her Great Aunt Dora and Her cousins Michelle and Doriann and She meet Her first third cousin James.  I didn't get a picture of Him yet but will have one sometime by the end of this year I hope.



First of many

I am but an hour an some few minutes old here.

Dang it's sure cold in here


HEY doc where are my cloths at?

How many times do I need to say it?


OK who put that stuff in my eyes?

Dang that stuff burns do all of us kids get this when we are born?

HEY whats that in my mouth?

Drat just my fingers no food here.

HEY Doc where's my Mom


I'm starving here folks been several hours since last received any food.

I am getting tired


Being starved and cold sure wears a girl out at times like this.

Oh Yeah getting sleepy now

Boy I am really worn out now where is that sand man now?

Hey I just helped woth moral support

She did all the work so give Kim the credit.

I'm tired Mom

Mom check me out after I wake up a little later I was just born and that wore me out.

OK Mom quit teasing me

I am hungry Mom so please feed me...

Ivy at 6 months?

Ivy was growing fast but She will have a blast at the Mardi Gras.

Aunts Uncles Cousins in El Paso

During the Summer in 2014 Ivy and I went to El Paso to visit our relatives and they owned a used car lot call La Festa Motors East

Aunt Dora, Ivy, and GrandPaw

This is my Sister who married my youngest brother James way back when and now Ivy has meet a new Auntie Dora

MaryBelle Dora and Ivy

The Lady standing is Dora's younger sister MaryBelle.

My Uncle Scott

Ivy got along with Scott really well and gave him lots of hugs.

Aunt Dora fixed my hair up really great

While there visiting GrandPaw helped fix my hair up but after awhile Aunt Dora decided it was time I had my hair fixed up correctly. Sorry GrandPaw but Aunt Dora does a better job but for a guy you did ok...

Ivy dressed up for Holloween

This was taken back in 2014 during the Church's Holloween party to keep our kids safe and sound.

Yes this is my GrandPaw

Ivy loves to give me lots of smooches when ever I got Her in my arms.

Ivy and Celyst

This was one of Ivy's best friends when She was at Church or here at the Holloween party in 2014

Ivy November 2015

This ia the latest picture I have of Ivy all dressed up in Her new School cloths

This is Ivys niece McKensie

Yes Ivy is now a Auntie. Her older sister Sara got hitched and now has 2 beautiful babt girls and this is the youngest. More pictures about them in other sections.

Ivy loved the doll the Dora got Her

While there staying with Dora Ivy got to sleep with Dora and Dora took Ivy shopping one day and got Her a doll Ivy wanted.

Ivy in kindergarden strutting Her stuff

When Ivy was in kindergarden She like to show off like all the other girls when music was playing.

Ivy on the monkey bars

Ivy was great at climbing and She like to show off too.

My new hair do

No offense GrandPaw but Dora thought that I needed a different hair do.

This is my GrandPaw

Yes this was taken when we were in El Paso last year. And yes I do love my GrandPaw a whole bunch