My Daughter Kimberly's Family

          This is a collection of pictures I have of my previous relationship with Rita.  After Kimberly was born Rita took off for the wild blue yonder till Kimberly was 12 years at that time.  As you know young Girls have pictures of their Mom's and Dad's to show their girl friends but Kimberly didn't have any of me so She found my Aunt Florence and convinced Her to bring us together and from there we began to build a family relationship that would have happened if Rita hadn't left and we would have been married an who knows where it would have gone too.   So there are other pictures of Kim's half brother Bubba as She called him.

          Kimberly got married later and from that marriage Sara was born.  Since Sara attained the age of 12 I have flown here down here of the Mardi Gras and once for a summer vacation a few years back.  Oh and I have Her tickets mailed to Her for this coming Mardi Gras March 8th so we will be having fun this years as in the past.

          Year before last I went to New York for the birth of Kim's second baby, Ivy this is the link to that group of pictures of that time there.

           Well several years have passed since Sara was last here so an update is in order now.  Well She graduated from High school and got Herself hitched to a nice looking guy and a year or so later Madison made Her scene in this world of ours.  So I am officially a Great Grand Paw. hehehe




The only picture I have of Rita and myself

We were a bit camera shy back then is all I can say also no digitial camera back then either.

Kim and a very early age with Rita her Mom

Kim was about a year or so here.

You guessed it

This is one of those photo's that all parents have that daughters do not want any body to see of them. Love's ya

Oh was Kim a cutie

What else is there to say about your only daughter.

In some ways there was some Tomboy there

Kim didn't always dress up in a dress but some where I think I have one of Her in a twotwo. Again I am proud of you Kim the business Lady now.

Well almost a To-To

Kimberly in a contest so I will ask Her if She won or not?

Rita Bubba and Kim

One of a very few family pic's of them together

Kim's wedding photo

Several years ago I got a call from Kim. She wanted to know if I would walk Her down the isle. I told Her wild horses couldn't keep me away.

A Special Moment among Cousins

Sara just finished feeding Gabby and was watching Her as She slept. I guess this is why She turned out to be a good Mother Herself.

My expentant Daughter

Kim was greeting me at the airport in Fulton, NY. I have a video of my arrival in Fulton with all my Naw'lins style of traveling and meeting people here and abroad.

Doesn't She look very beautiful?

This was taken the morning after my arrival for the big delivery. She was preparing me a great breakfast that morning.

The moment we were waiting for

Meet Ivy-Jack Judway and She had a gre4at pair of lungs too.

Ivy getting excited

You ask why excited well She found out that later She was going to the Mardi Gras an see Grand Paw

Are we ready to party Dad?

I meet Kim and Ivy at the airport and had to make sure they were ready and dressed to party now didn't I?

Kim and Ivy

This was Ivy's first Mardi Gras and She had a blast catching the beads and the parades and all the good food She never tasted before now.

Cousins meetings cousins

This year my Niece from El Paso Doriann and future husband came to Mardi Gras for their first time so they meet Ivy their newest second cousin

Kim and Sara

One of the more enjoyable days of a Mother and Daughter having some fun.