Southern's International Visitors

        Well it has finally happened as you can see from the following pictures I had the very fine privilege of entertaining two Ladies from up North from Canada.  To be exact Vancouver, British Columbia.  During the Mardi Gras my family and friends have set up at our reserved place for the last 9 or 10 years here where we can enjoy the parades without the hassles of intruders bothering us.  If you have looked at the Mardi Gras photo's you can see in a few of them we had the place set up with viewing stands and party tent to enjoy the party and keep our food and refreshments safe and sanitary.  When it was all over we cleaned up things as it should be so we could expect to have our place again for next year.

        As you will see from the beginning we started the party right off like it should be with a true Mardi Gras welcome with costume get up and jewelry and miscellaneous beads etc.  Kristy is standing next to me and Salena next to Her.  If your wondering why they were wearing mismatched items it is that during Mardi Gras nothing is set to match all in fun. 

        I hope you enjoy the pictures and as a treat I have a movie clip when they first sat down for their first helping of Mudbugs.  So if you have a cable connection it will not be that cranky viewing it.  Now on with the pictures I know it has been a long time coming.

Our transportation to the Mardi Gras

Well we had to get to Southern's home someway.

Gotta get some rest before the Party

We left around 330 Thursday am and arrived around 330 PM and the PARTY started that day and we didn't get home till 1030 or so and didn't get in bed till after 1 or 2 o'clock. Watta way to start the PARTY....

A Mardi Gras's welcome for my International Visitors.

I made it a point to welcome these two Ladies with something special as you can see.

The Mardi Gras Parade schedule this Year

If you want to find out when Mardi Gras is for the next 40 or 50 years call or write me.

I am too wired to sleep can't ya tell?

Well it has been too too long for me to sleep this close to the big PARTY.

Oh boy some real southern food.

Do you know how long I have been waiting for this type of food?

Ummmm Shrimp Jambalaya

Oh I am getting hungerier by the minute just rebuilting this web page

Southern does like His Seafood Gumbo.

What else is there to say about the Gentleman who lives in a Seafood city....

Now this is a Desert to Die for.

Bill's pastry in Vancouver can't compare to these morsal's of fine Southern cooking.

Just what the Heck kind of Bug is this?

This has got to be something only the South has flying around.

You don't know how many Beads We caught

Southern said we would catch bags and bags of beads but didn't really believe Him but after tonight we need to get larger BAGS.

Now how do We get the meat outta this thing

Oh what fun Southern had showing Us how to eat dem CrawDads.

Ok now what do I do with this thing again?

You want me to do what and then do what with the tail? You're not joking are you?

Ooooo This Thing is really Spicey..

We do not have anything like this in Vancouver that's for sure...

Dang these things have really small claws

Southern said the small claws are to much trouble to get the meat out of an you know He was right....

See I know which end is Front and which is Back

Now to open this thing up like Southern said to do.

Uuummm These are Really great Eatin's

But you have to eat so many just to get a belly full but dang 2 hours of eatin's and still not full.

Oh Yeah This is some really Great Eatin's


Dang an you can really eat these things and still be hungry after eatting 8 pounds. Would you believe that?

Now That was a Good Meal

Now all that's left is to clean up this mess.

Well You Guess it

Just roll it up and throw it all away now...

Now I have Seen it All?

An yes we shopped at Piggly Wiggly just to say we were there and brought home the prof too. But this does not compare to dem CrawDad's.

Care for a Dinner Cruise Up the Lazy River

This was one trip Southern didn't know that we had planned.

Yes we Enjoyed theEvening Dinner and Cruise.

All in another world when your cruising up and down the Mississippi River with a full belly.

The Main Dining Room on the Delta Queen.

The ambiance was fine, the meal was great, and the music and Singer of songs was intertaining too.

Finest Food on the Delta Queen

Just because I can't have seafood cause of a medical reason I can still have all of the other very fine foods Naw'lins offers. Oh!! an the bread puddin with that sauce weeeee it realllyyy isss goodddd.

Guess what's 50 days away? Easter Eggs Anyone

These are some fine Easter eggs but a bit expensive tho.

This is the Rivers Edge restaurant

The Ladies had a great time at the restaurant and made a movie on the way the to the ladies powder room too. heheha