Family section

        Since I first began this web site I have some how forgotten that I have a family.  So to correct this, let those who have come to meet me personally let me introduce you to my Mom and Dad and some of the family members.  Now you will see where I get my good looks.  As I remodel my web site I will endeavor to continue to add more pictures of my family from both sides of Mom and Dad's families.  I have opened another page in our family history on my Dad's side with pictures and more photo sections from each of His brothers and sisters along with pictures of Grandma Buck and family.


Introducing my Mom and Dad

This picture was taken back in the 30's

This is Dad's Father in the Navy

Kinda makes you think that the Navy was a way of life in my life?

Grama with the 1st Arnold in the Family

I have the marriage certificate's of all three marriages GrandmaBuck had with these Gentleman over the years.

Gram's looks like She's ready to PAR-TAY

This is Gram's second husband, James McCarty, whom Uncle Jimmie was named after, also Dad's younger brother.

My Dad was gunners mate guns 1st class

Dad was a great while in the Navy and when he got out was a good hunter. There is a pic of a dear head he got during his younger days.

Mom was a beautiful woman.

Dad you got a winner when you married Mom.

Dad's trophy buck

He shot this when I was a kid living in Michigan

Uncle Jim, Aunt Pat, and myself 2001

Uncle Jimmie has since passed away a few years back. Aunt Pat is still living there.

A earlier picture of Dad

In this picture Dad is a Second Class Gunners mate. Before He got honorable discharged He attained the rank of First Class Gunners Mate.

A picture of Mom in Her younger days

I think this was taken in 1943. Anyway Mom was always a great and beautiful looking Southern Lady.

My Dad's Mom and fun Dad

If it looks like Granm's was have fun in this picture you are certainly correct. In Her time She was what was called a swinging Lady. hehe