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          Hello I am The Southern Gentleman and I am from Naw'lins, Louisiana.

          Well as the title says this is something about me "The Southern Gentleman", and my family, also my dreams of doing a web site.  Well this page and the others will give you an idea of where I have been, what I have done, and where I am going.  You can send mail to me  The Southern Gentleman if you have any questions.  HEY if you like this web page an would be interested in having one made send me an email and we can discuss the particulars.

          I will be adding more picture albums as I can build them.  I have some pictures reaching back into the 1800's.  Heck I even have one of a great great great add a few more greats in here of a Grandmother who was married to a Indian Chief up around the Illinois and  Michigan region.  Not even a half breed as Cher sung about  sometime back.  I may be something like a thirty second or sixty forth if you get my drift. So I will begin with the first group of photo's of my Mom and Dad.  Next will be that of my Brother Mike, Karen, JamesSharon and of course mine which you will see more.  Within each album there will be links to their family which could have links to their respected family members.  So watch for the high lighted links in each section.  Also here is another link to my Relatives and their families of which there is second and third generation of cousins all of whom I have not meet entirely since I was last in Michigan where there is a whole lot of them....

         Before I got married to Faye I was in a relationship with another Lady.  Her name was Rita Pafford and from that relationship there was this Girl that was born to us an She was named Kimberly

         Now as with any family you got to have had some Christmas photo's and of course we have those when Dora came to visit us this 2011 Christmas holidays.  As you will see we had lots of fun at Sharon's home and at the Orlando's fine restaurant


Mom and Dad 1942?

Now you see where I get my good looks and height from cause they were 6 foot tall each...

Welcome to Naw'lins

Sorry you missed the Mardi Gras this year but maybe I will see you next year?

My Mom holding me at 3 months

This was taken back then when black and white was all there was to take pictures with. We are in old McDonaldville, Gretna, LA

My Dad's great great great greatGrandMother

Dad told me about this Lady who was His Mom's great great great and so on GrandMother

A Family picture

This was taken while the boys were in the Scouts. My wife Faye, Matt the oldest, and Chris the youngest.

Chris and Bridgette

This Is Chris my youngest with His beautiful wife Bridget.

This is Rita my first girlfriend

I was going to marry Her but it didn't work out but Kimerly was born out of this relationship.

Rita and Kim at an earlier age

From this relationship I started to go to Church in an attempt to win Rita back.







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