Christmas holidays of 2011

        As with any family you must have some Christmas pictures from when you all got together and our family is no exception.  But this year we had our Sister in Law Dora come to visit us this year through the New Years day celebration too.

        Before Dora came to town my Sister Sharon and Larry bought a corner lot in Mandeville.  There was their original Pizza and movie house on the corner but have since moved into the middle building which is now there new pizza place.  Then they began work on Frog's Restaurant where these pictures were taken but there in is another story that you find in Sharon and Larry's page.



A family chow down

A small group of us setting down for some fine eatin's

Dora's Christmas present

Amy is in the jewerly business and was able to treat Dora to some nice presents for Christmas.

Dora and Uncle Larry at the resturant

Dora was treated to some really great seafood plates while She was here for the holidays. Of course it was at Orlando's Seafood Resturant in Mandeville, LA

Dora with a seafood plater

Dora was treated to many a seafood dish from Larry. Thank you for the great food Larry.

A small family get together

Well it is small but we are working on getting it bigger some day with all the family we have located here there and everywhere....