The Krewe of Choctaw

        This section is about a cousin of mine Charles Turberville who is the Krewe of Choctaw's treasury person.  I will be adding a picture of Charles when He was the Chief of Choctaw one year.  This is a link to the Choctaw's web site an others.



My cousin Charles

Getting ready to parade from Gretna to Algiers.

She forgot Her head dress

This was one of Charles tenents who joined the Choctaw krewe sometime back before 2005

Here She again looking for Her headdress

She can't find Her head dress but bet ya She knows where Her beer is at anytime of the day..

Another friend of Charles

But He wasn't in the parade just helping them to load of their stuff for the parade

The head Choctaw Princes

Charles remembers when He was the Chief of the Choctaw parade.

Charles and friend loading up for the parade

This was but the first of many loads of beads and trinkets they loaded up for the parade.

Rolling rolling rolling

Get them floats a rolling it's P A R A D E time people

Charles chatting with renter from downstairs

She works at plumbing company in New Orleans

One of Charles friends

Yep She was going to have the fun of a life time.

Charles's Friend works for the plumbing co

Guess who found Her head dress??