Memories from Fire Talk

     I know there were more members than I have pictures so if you come across any of the others let them know about the Web page an have them get in touch with me.  I would like to keep in touch with all my friends.  I have moved the old room to Pal Talk now so see ya there people.

I apologize for not having comments or description for each of the Ladies so gave me some time and I will get it done soon?????



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My first moderator assistant

Misty was my first visitor to see the Mardi Gras from FireTalk

Meet the Quietman

When I say quiet you knew He was here cause you saw His name on the side. He never talked must but when He did it was something worth keeping.

Meet the Graduate

She came down here for a wedding that just so happened to be in Slidell where we got together for some eats and fellowship.

Misty don't lok sad

Misty wasn't to happy cause She didn't have many beads but as the parade moved on She got real lucky that night.

Hello Ze Baby with your Z28

She always wanted a Z-28 and got Herself one and She's fast too, right Ze?

Wouldn't you know it

We had a comic in the group called Mac from down under in our room.

Oh Martha from Florida

Martha those were some nice pictures of you in your swim suit.

Meet our own OptimistMale

If you thought one way He was sure to be optimistic about what you had to say.

My International vistor to the Mardi Gras

Kristy asked if the invitation was still good to visit Me during Mardi Gras so came down She did. Look for a link in the photo section.

She was called Sweetie1

I thought She was a real winner but sadly She was my first scammer. No I didn't send Her any money....


If you have a picture that you would like me to publish in this web page by all means send it to me and I will make sure it is place here with the rest of the good people who where members in those days.