First Pentecostal Church WestBank

          I started going to Church back in April of 1976 and after I was going there for a few months I meet a very important Lady that I later married.  I had brought Her to the Church where She became my first convert and later that year we got married.  But first things first the first picture is that of my Church located at 3200 Ames Blvd Marrero.  I am proud to say that I helped to build this Church and have contributed to it's existence to this day.

          On Easter Sunday of 1967, Rev. F.L. Sartin was elected pastor of the church. In 1978, Brother Sartin purchased 10 acres of land on Ames Boulevard in Marrero for the Church.  The money was raised by the Members of the Church with the saying, " Not equal giving but equal sacrificing".  Here we constructed a new church building and school which were completed in 1979. The church building and school were dedicated in May of 1981. At the time of the dedication the mortgage on the new church was burned, everything was debt free. In 1986, Rev. M.K. Sartin was elected pastor and continues to serve in this role.

            Here is a link to our Church's web site.  They even have copies of previous services on line for you to down load.  Also if you get sick and have to stay home on a service day you can go to the web site an catch the service live from our streaming site.


My first Pentecostal Pastor

I never doubted this man's ability to pastor a Church or to be my Pastor.

Front view with some youth chatting

They were the last to leave that day but had to make plans where they were going for lunch.

After service chat

Lots of time this is the best time to see what or who is going where for dinner...

Brother ML Sartin and Sister Sandy

I was there for their wedding and now He has stepped into His Dads shoes as my new Pastor. He has been doing a great job of it too.

Bro Mike before He begins

Bro Mike has been preaching some interesting sermons and they have kept me interested and awake.

The F L Sartin Family center

I remember the first service we had after Katrina in the family center.

Sunday's service times

No excuse for not knowing what time service starts

Sunday evenings service time

And again no excuse for missing Sunday nights service is there?

Mid week service time

Wednesday nites service starts one hour later than Sunday nights service time.

Our video and audio recording studio

We even have live video streeming of our services on the internet. Check the link out I have for the Church's web site.

My Pastor

I want you meet my Pastor Bro Mike Sartin whom I have the pleasure of knowing for the last 35 plus years.

Father and Son

This is Bro. Mike's Son Keith Sartin whom I have known all His life as a Preacher.