Gabby collecting Her Beads


Gabby had a blast this year at Mardi Gras.  As you will see from the pictures below She was having the time of Her life this year being able to run and walk all over like everyone else.



Ok where are the rest

Ok folks where are the parades so I can add to this one?

Ok I have my purple ones now to find the green one's

I know that Sara my cousin will help me get the rest.

Oops GrandPaw first

He is the tallest here so He will help me.

See I told you He was tall

Now I can see what's happening now.

YES we are going to have fun right Sara?

Yes we are Gabby we're going to have a blast you wait an see.

See I was right...

Sara and I are having great fun now.

HEY how does this thing work now?

Will somebody please help me??

Tangles amd more tangles

Where is the bead fairy to help me untangle these beads when you need Her?

GrandPaw has great lighted toys

Boy does GrandPa have lots of neat lighted toys for me to play with.

Oh boy I got my hat

Well 2 out of three colors I like.

Awwww come on now

Throw me something Mister! ! !

Dang thrown way to short

If my arms were a bit longer I would have gotten them.

Purple green and gold

WOW my favorite colors..

Wrong color again

They keep putting the wrong colors around my neck.

Wrong color

Get these off me now.

Humm not really my color

Maybe the boys will like these beads.

Yeah I need some nap time now

Catching all these beads sure is tiring.

Purple is my favorite color

Now to find some green and gold one

My cousin and best friend

Sara you are the greatest.

What are these things Grandpa

It flashes lots of little lights Grandpa how come?