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          Try as I may, sometimes I can't get all the correct URL address's to a link to a Web Page.  So if you come across a link that isn't correct or is no longer a working Web Page please let me know so I can change it on this page, OK? 

           As you can see below I have a few of what used to be web page links but are no longer connected.  If you have their current address would you email it to me, thanks.

          If you have some good links you would like to see placed on this web page please email them to me.

  • House of SeaFood Buffet
    • The best seafood place in Bush, Louisiana there is to find as me I was just there tonight February 10 2011 finished up around 630 PM.
  • The Microsoft Network
    • Why not have a link to them cause I use MS98SE, Win XP Pro, IE6, and Front Page 2002.
    • Well if you want to expedite something why not use
    • If you want current news why not go to the news people.
  • House Call
    • Well if you want to have you hard drive checked for bugs go here?
  • TI Web pages some of Users have up an running
    • Tom since you're the # 1 on the TI yahoo server here's your page
    • Barry Traver's Table talk
    • Gary W. Cox's Homepage- How to repair a TI and other tips
    • TI Chat Page - TI Chat page via Brad Snyder's home page.
    • John McDonnell's Home Page A very complete TI-99/4A web page
    • Milwaukee Area User Group's Web Page
    • Portland Users Group's Web Page
    • United Kingdom TI User Group A really Neat site! 
    • Bruce Harrison's Web Page Home of the TI Assembly Guru    
    • No Name Computer Club (Formerly Ogden TI-99/4a Computer Group)
    • Bill Gaskill's Web Page info on TI-99/4A modules & Timeline 99er  
    • Richard Bell's Home Page Has a variety of TI/Geneve items to sell  
    • Dan O'Quinn's Home Page Long Time TI Nut! (His words, not mine) 
    • The Survivors Site web page

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