Katrina's damages

        As you will see from the following collection of pictures I took of the damage around my house and the surrounding neighborhood.  There is a couple of my garage here too.  I will place in the comment section the street where it was taken and a house address to if possible.  Here is some Katrina pictures of the disaster caused to our town with links to other cities and towns close by up and down the Gulf coast.  Since it has been over 5 years now lots of the pictures with the damage has been repaired and the scene is much different now so kind of hard to tell where the picture was taken now....


This is the aftermath of Katrina

When you click on this pic you will see how much damage on the front and left side She caused.

Bertie and Donalds home

Notice all the shingles lying all around on the ground can only mean lots of new roofs going up

Looking towards the canal

I was just starting out o this is looking towards the canal at the end of our street.

Old trees blown over

Lots of trees were blown over an broken around the 30' mark of the tree since most trees around here were 30' high those over that height were broken at the 30' mark

Looking towards Ames

Notice the tree across the street. We had lots of them since no tree line protection so there were several blown over.

This was along the canal close to my house

No tree line protection along the canal so several were blown over or broken at a weak section of the tree.

Corner of Ames and Delores

I came up from the canal on Delores and saw the road was blocked on Ames.

Nice you see why we have stactic

No really people Katrina did lots of damage to just about everything that could be damaged here on Ames.

A sign was put close to this area

Since people were evacuated noone there to protect from looters which we had some in our neighborhood. Taken along Ames Blvd.

The sign I believe was in this area

The sign on a piece of plywood in big white letters. You loot and we shoot. This was put up after a couple house were broken in. After the sign no more looters were seen.

Damage along East Ames

This is but one of the sites along East Ames with damages.

A view behind several homes along East Ames

Most fence post today are only set in a 6 to 8 inch circle of concrete 1 to 2 feet deep so there was not much protection from wind damage. But at 80 to 100 MPH wind what would have held?

New home on East Ames

As you can see the felt wasn't nailed down with enough felt nails or they used 1" wide staples and if you don't put shingles down this is what happens to the felt

Flooding around the new homes

The builder had to bring in lots of dirt to fill in the ground around the homes before they could sell them

Notice the gas pump covering

I guess it wasn't made to stand 100 mile winds??

Turning right on Ames

I made a circle and was heading back to home at the corner of East Ames and Ames when I took this picture.

House at corner of Ames and Prichard

Some homes didn't get much damage but around the small building and trees got blown over.

Why we don't have electricity.

Notice the trees broken around the 30' mark?