Mardi Gras pages by Years

    When you click on each year you wil be taken to that page of pictures with comments of each one that I have placed there.

    I hope you enjoy looking at them as I had being there on St Charles street located between Julia and Girod in New Orleans.

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Naturally as the years continue and I don't kick the bucket I will be adding the years as they go by.

Enjoy the pictures and if you know of someone else who was there with you when the pictures was taken or you have a picture you would like added then by all means tell your friends where to look and here is my email address where you can send me the picture so I can add them to the year it was taken..

Not this is very important that you know that this is my personal web site and I only place family and friends pictures so don't send me any pictures that you wouldn't want to show you Mom or Sisters daughter.  I will not put them here at all.