Happy Mardi Gras Everyone

          Here are some pictures taken during this years Mardi Gras party. If you would like some more information about Mardi Gras send me a note to The Southern Gentleman an I will be happy to answer your question.  If you call this number 800-754-8626 an answer  the operator questions you will receive a CD with some Cajun music, a Louisiana map, and a Tour Guide  with all the places to go and see while visiting our state.  This is an actual link is to a video cam viewing Bourbon Street Live from The Cats Lounge on Bourbon street.  It's on line 24/7 in case you want to check things out for yourself, oh day time is slow and night times well could get to be very entertaining to say the least.

          If you have any questions about these picture send me a email request and I will answer the best I can.


Get your beads here

Now you know where we get all those fancy beads from.

A really Big Dude

I knew there was a place called RAPP's.

I wanted four of you guys.

Not three to help me carry my beads.

Horse riders for Mardi Gras

At one time the floats were pulled by horses and extras riders always was in the parades too.

Did She loose something?

What is She looking for now?

Throw me something Mister

She had a great arms reach too.

Local vendors

These guys are all over the place selling Mardi Gras stuff to bring home after it is all over til next year.

Oh yeah She can shake that thing for sure....

So you want this??

This is the Zulu parade

This is the first parade of Mardi Gras morning which goes before the Rex parade.

YES more of the Zulu parade

The Party is over.

Time to pack it up and head for home till next year.

Now clean this place up for next years PARTY.

This is Donna my cousin and Her husband

Misty with two of my cousins

This is Donna my cousin and Her husband with Mistywith Donna's granddaughter in front.