My Granddaughter's Visit

            As you can see my Granddaughter has grown up a few feet since she was last here in Naw'lins.

            I flew Sara in on Jet Blue airlines and a ridiculously low fare so I left  the return flight opened in case She wanted to stay longer than 2 weeks.  I am glad I did but later after visiting Her (Great) Aunt Sharon we had made reservations at the end of July but since Aunt Sharon and the rest of the Aunt's and Uncle were going camping I extended the flight to mid August which worked out just fine.  Unfortunately I was assigned to work out of town for all of Sara's visit so the first week Sara came with me to St. Francisville to see what I was doing and even made some spending money doing some little things around the job site for the owner.

            There has been some time elapsed since this page was done and now when you click here you will see my number One GrandDaughter has grown up and got Herself hitched to a nice Guy and now from that union I now have a Great GrandDaughter whose name is Maddison


Sara was 4 when this was taken

But She has grown a lot since then.

She has grown up quite a bit since then.

If you look closely you will see the two bridges that cross the Mississippi river.

Sara in the French Quarter

Standing by a canon in front of the St Louis church in the back ground.

Wind started to blow off the river

She was holding her hat so it wouldn't blow away.

Sara putting her cloths away before starting her vacation

We went to Walmart and bought Her some more cloths too.

This is Sara's room after redecorating

This was Kimberly's room (Sara's Mom) before it was redecorated for her daughter Sara to moved in.

Sara's dresser before cluttering

Some photo albums

These contained Sara's Mom's wedding pictures and Sara as a young baby growing up.

Here I am feeding the frogs

My (Great) Aunt Sharon

She didn't want me to use Great cause She wasn't that old anyway and I agreed with that.

My Uncle Larry

He didn't like the Great part either.

Here I am with my new laptop

GrandPa bought me this awesome laptop for me to use for school work and to surf the net when I get home.

My (goofie) second cousin Sammie

We had some good times. He was even a good driver when we drove the golf cart around Aunt Sharon property.

Just chillen Mom

Louisiana's capital building

Took this picture on the way to GrandPa's work on the way to St Francisville.