My Relatives

          Here is where the fun begins with all my Aunts and Uncles and of course my Cousins and their families on both side of my Mom and Dad's families.

         As you all well know that can be a huge undertaking.  So since I am about to retire or by the time I have gotten half way finished with this section I might be retired by then.  So I hope you see why I say this might be a huge undertaking since in these few sentences I will have additional links to each Aunt and Uncle section with their family pictures and pictures of my second and third generation of cousins.

         Well sorry to say that my Aunt Doris passed away a couple days ago.  Her funeral services are set for Tuesday at the Moth's funeral home.

         Here is the link to my Aunt Evadean and Uncle Wink .

        Then we have Aunt Claradean and Uncle Everett .

        Then there is Aunt Janice and Uncle Marvin .

        Then Aunt Jean and Aunt Pat and Uncle Jimmie .  I will have separate pages for each Aunt.

        The pictures of Evelyn and Uncle Paul are in the about me section. 

         I will place a picture of each of my Aunts and Uncles here with a reference to another pages where my cousins will be shown and their families.

        As I said earlier in the second paragraph I was going to retire and that I have done as of June 2016.


Aunt Doris and Karen

Aunt Doris married Uncle Clifford a long time ago and they had three girls and one boy and yes He was the last one to be born to that family.

Raised to call Her Aunt

But in reality Aunt Shirley was really a second cousin from my Mother side of the family.