My El Paso Visit

                Since last year Roger has passed from this world to the next and I would like to dedicate this page to his memory from the ones who have come to love Him and will miss Him.  He was a great worker and a truck saving mechanic just ask me because He saved my truck from the enormous truck repair bill while I was there during the Thanksgiving holidays last year.

                When you get several requests from your two nieces in El Paso to come out and visit how could I refuse them.  So I packed up and brought with me the fix en's need to cook a Cajun turkey Naw'lins style with all the trimming plus lots of extra goodies.  I was also requested to bring my special spice mix that I left there a few years back because they had run out so I brought with me enough spices to make them each a pound or two of the mix.  Along with the spices I brought out there with me some 12-15 count shrimp.  For those of you that is a way of telling someone that there are 12 to 15 shrimp to a pound so you can see these were not some salad type shrimp but you had to cut them up into smaller pieces so you could enjoy them in the shrimp gumbo I made the first day there.  Along with the shrimp I brought with me several containers of picked crab meat to make my famous crab cakes the girls and Mom love so much.  Now a favorite of Dora's was fresh shelled oysters and did She enjoy a few of them.  The rest went into my great tasty seafood stuffing/dressing.  Now not to be left out I brought about 20 soft shell crabs which I fried for the Ladies and some of their friends that lived close by.  Now if you are ever in New Orleans on the WestBank and you want some really fresh seafood then you have to stop at Wades Seafood Shack located in Westwego.  They had it all and fresh daily

                This year I will have to make an exception to where I will take the Ladies if they all come down here at one time.  The place I am referring to is the House of SeaFood Buffet where they have all kinds of seafood prepared the way you like it from shrimp to fried soft shell crabs and fish cook whole minus the innards of course and gator too.

                Now when these Ladies are not home celebrating a holiday with Uncle Paul they are all working at La Fiesta Motors East.

                If you click on any picture it will open up a larger view of that picture then hit the back arrow an you are back to this page again to view other pictures.

                Now was I surprised when Mardi Gras 2011 rolled around my youngest Niece Doriann showed up to see all the fun that She missed when She came here when She was but 4 or 5 years old.  And She brought Her future husband with Her.  More about that in later links else where.        

        This Past Christmas of 2011  I had a surprise visitor form El Paso Dora came here for the holidays and She really enjoyed Herself in a big way.  She was treated to all the Southern hospitality She could have at any one time starting with the Rivers Edge cafe in the French Quarter and from there to Sharon's and Karen's home in Mandeville and treated to Orlando's Sea Food restaurant of some of the finest sea food you will ever eat.



This is Dora's Mom

I meet Dora and Her Mom the first time I was in El Paso doing some work on Dora and James Dealership office space. We hit it off right off the bat.

Mom loves her Kids a whole bunch.

This is not the complete picture of the whole family. I will look for one or ask the family to take one and send it to me so I can make this page complete.

My favorites in El Paso

Let me introduce you to my Niece Michelle her Mom Dora and her sister Doriann. James they grew up to be the best I'm sure that you are proud of them.

Yes I am ready for the Mardi Gras

Uncle Paul you know I can't wait to be there for the Mardi Gras March the 8th.

Michelle hard at work

Well maybe working but not hard since She is a double Major in college in business.

Awwww Michelle

I thought you were working really hard but you were funning me.

My favorite auto mechanic helper

Doriann I want to thank you for helping me when I needed to fix my truck. You came out that day an asked me if you could help and I was impressed. I mean how many Uncles have a Niece that wants to help them work on their truck?

This is Scott, dog, and Doriann

A family picture if there ever was one if I do say so myself. I love ya'll a whole bunch...

A quiet time with sisters

When it happens it is a beautifull moment amongst Sisters.

Christmas is right around the corner

It was getting to be that time and would you believe it did.

Well it happened it snowed

It happened toward the end of my visit their so I took a few pictures of it in case there were unbelivers.

See I have proof it did snow

Well seeing is believeing right???

Frosty the snowman was a jolly ole soul was he

Yes, I could not pass up the chance of making a snowman.

This is Maribelle the keeper of the books

This is Dora's sister and the girls Auntie. You can't find a better Aunt than this one.

They could not come so I brought it with me

Happy Mardi Gras everyone

This is La Fiesta Motors East best mechanic

There is nothing more that can be said about this man. He saved my hide and my transportation by fixing my front end of my truck. Thanks Roger