My Sister Karen and Family

            As this will be an on going field of endeavor I will be adding pictures to this album as time permits and I get more picture to place here from my Sister.

            I apologize for not have more pictures of you here Sis but I will be adding them as soon as I can find then.

            As you can see Karen I have been working on you collection of pictures.  I have other on paper that I will have to scan but that will be later.  These digital pictures are easier to work with for right now and the scanning will be later.  Luv's ya Sister



Karen born as number 3 out of 5

This picture was taken at Karen home back in 2004 Christmas day.

My Aunt Doris

This was taken when all the Lady Cousin meet at Aunt Doris's home for a get together party.

Cousins getting together

These are some of my cousins that live close by. I have another group living up in Michigan hopefully I will along with the rest of my Brothers and Sister meet them too.

I was really tired

After climbing up Sharon's back steps and eating a really great Thanksgiven meal I was really cutting the zzzz's