Here are a few of the Pal Talk Members

            If you see any other members tell them about the web page now.  Even it is just to let them have a place where they can have some of their pictures published.  As you can see I haven't had a great success with those from Fire Talk coming over to Pal Talk so I could place their pictures in my photo album.  Please give them my email address The Southern Gentleman if you wouldn't mind.

            Pal Talk is still swinging with lot more items of interest that you might consider looking into.  


Misty my moderator here in Paltalk too.

Misty is coming down for the Mardi Gras on March 8th. She loved it so much She had to return one more time.

Greetings Jessica

Jessica joined FireTalk then came over to PalTalk back when I started this web site. She shows kids how to ride horses.

Misty and Southern

This picture was taken when Misty was getting ready to go back home after Her visit to the Mardi Gras

Meet Optimis Male

This was an Optimis person on just about anything there is or was to talk about in the chat room.

Misty from Canada

A couple years back Kristy as she is called know called me up in Oct or Nov an asked if She and a Girl friend could visit for Mardi Gras to which I replied what's taking you so long to get down here.

This is Sweety1

Sweety was to take a trip to Naw'lins but I was told She had an accident on Her way here. I didn't want to believe it but it must have happened cause I never saw Her again.

This is Sweet Spirit

Cali Gurl

Cali called me up to tell me She was comming to Naw'lins to be in a wedding and wanted to visit with me since She was in town. So I showed Her the French Quarter and the sites while She was here.