Faye Southern and the boys

          This album of pictures is The Southern Gentleman's family from way back till Faye's passing in 1995.

          The only family picture we made with Faye was when I was the Troop 604 Scout Master and both boys were members of that troop.  If it wasn't for Matt this picture might not have been made because the troop as getting small and Matt asked me if I would take over as the Scout Master which I did.  With in 6 months of taking over as the Scout Master we went to our first Jambo Ree at Lake Salmon.  In all of the Troops existence this was their first time going to Camp Salmon and participating in the jamboree and winning the contest hands down with the most first place events in their event there at Camp Salmon.

          Chris was married once before to a Lady called Marsha before He married Bridgette.  I have heard the Matthew got married in 2010 or 09 not sure which.  Things between us has been on a bit estranged but hope to be able to change that before too long?        

            Here we have a photo collection of Chris's family,  wife and children.  I have a few pictures here in this link so I hope you enjoy them as well as I have in making this web site over the years of collecting the pictures you have been viewing here.


The Arnold family

This was taken back in 1982 or somewhere back then I will up date later.

Faye at work at Calvary Christian school

On eof the few times you caught Faye open with out words.

Chris and Marsha

This was Chris's getting married to Marsha with Her Dad Mike Martinez.