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           This first link is why I wanted to put up this web page in the first place, to keep the TI-99/4A alive. I have sold lots of TI equipment already.  But I have lots of magazines and some small items such as carts etc have been popping up so I will do an inventory of them as I find them and post them here. 

          But as time went on I began adding other pages and then I saw it was more about my family and friends whom I know and came to visit me during the summer and during the Mardi Gras holidays so I hope you enjoy the stories and pictures I took and added to the numerous pages to this web site.  From this link I hope to have pictures from the different Mardi Gras years starting from 2001 to 2018 and later.

         Before you get to clicking I haven't added all my comments to all the photo sections on the following photo links.  Since I have been working on repairing my garage from the damage that Katrina did to it I haven't had the time to make all the comments that need be added to each photo.  Just collecting and scanning all the pictures has been a task to say the least.  In the garage collection of photo's I have tried to show you the beginning to where I am now.  So check back in a week or so to see what's been happening.  Well I great news about my garage project it is finished.  I had the chief inspector come out and marveled at the workmanship for sure and commented that it would stand a cat 5 hurricane for sure

         If you see a photo that doesn't have a comment and you have a suggestion email it to me.  I am all ways looking to better this web page so don't be afraid to say something.  If by chance you have tried to contact me on Sunday chances are that I was in Church Sunday morning and then in the evening at Evening services.  The name of my Church is First Pentecostal Church WestBank and here is a link to the Church's web site which by the way has a live stream from our auditorium during our services so don't be afraid to look in sometime.  Here are some pictures of my Church and my first Pastor I was lucky to know for some odd 20 or so years.  His son Michael has taken over as the Pastor now and He has been doing a great job of it too.

         Here are some pictures of my family starting with some earlier pictures of my Mom and Dad.  Since some of you have come to meet me personally you can see where I got my good looks from.  Next section will be that of Chris and Bridget's wedding family get together.  Following will be pictures of my one and only daughter Kimberly with earlier pictures of Her with Sara my first Granddaughter.   Granddaughter number 3 which is Sara's only sister born last year in May named Ivy.

         This next section is pictures of my cousin Charles getting ready to roll on Mardi Gras day on the West Bank in the Krewe of Choctaw.

         This is some pictures of my friends when Fire Talk was up an running.

         Now that Pal Talk is up an running I have a few pictures of my friends here on this link.  I have opened up a room there called "Older Men Looking for Younger Women" in the group called Love and Romance on Pal Talk so join us there.  So click here and sign up for a Pal Talk account and join us their.  Remember that there is a minimum age of 21 so if your 55 and a Lady is 35 it works.  I know cause I have meet several their myself and on Fire Talk.

         Want to really have a party then join us here for the Mardi Gras.  Here is a list of the Mardi Gras dates as they will happen over the next 49 or 50 years.  To bad I will not be around that long of a time so Email me so we can make plans for your visit here as my guest for the whole time your here.  Here is another link where you can get some live feeds from different web cams located all around the French Quarter.  In this link there are several cams that are always up an running.  If you have cable or DSL you can stream the live video and music from several different places that are linked to the Mardi Gras web cam.  One in particular is the Cat's Lounge down on Bourbon street with Karaoke just about every night.

         Here are a few pictures of one of my friends, Misty, who came down to visit during the Mardi Gras an as you can see She had a great time as  Southern's guest.

         Since Misty was the first to visited me for the Mardi Gras I have had other visitors come down but not during the Mardi Gras season.  But this year I had the pleasure of entertaining two Ladies from another Country so I had to change my address label to The Southern Gentleman's International House.  I would like to introduce KristyandSalena to you as my International visitors from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.  I was surprised last year sometime between September and December with a phone call from Kristy when I answered She asked if I recognized Her or Her voice which I did since we had communicated lots of times over the last 7 or 8 years via Hotmail, Voice in Fire Talk and Pal Talk, and with voice/web cams which was very fun.  She then asked if my invitation to come to the Mardi Gras was still in effect to which I replied, "what is you flight dates and how many weeks are you going to stay".  Well anyway I had to take time off from my job so I could be a Southern Gentleman of the first class kind to show these Ladies our great party during Mardi Gras.  Our fine cuisine, (you guessed it Mudbugs and great seafood dining).  This is the Mardi Gras guest room where all my visitors stay while here for the Mardi Gras

         Since I have traveled half way around the world why not have some pictures called Southern's travels

         Speaking of traveler's I have the pleasure of introducing my GrandDaughter who came in from New York after 8 years of being away an growing up like a weed.  Here is Sara's 2009 summer time visit.

         Now I am blessed with Granddaughter #2 called Gabriella.  Here is some of Her pictures you will like.  Also some where we were snoozing and enjoying the comfort of the living room easy chair.  Around Mardi Gras I flew both Granddaughters in for Mardi Gras.

         Earlier this year I received a phone call from New York from Kimberly my one and only Daughter telling me She was expecting.  So as time passed by She finally found out that it was going to be a girl.  So not to be left out Ivy came into this world bright eye blue 7lb 8 oz 20 and 3/4 inches long with a marvelous  set of lungs if I have ever heard through the safety glass surrounding the nursery.  Let me introduce you to Ms. Ivy Jack-Lynn Jodway the newest addition to the family.  In 2010 I flew Kimberly and Ivy down to Naw'lins for the Mardi Gras and like all the other people I have here a collection of pictures of their visit here.

         Welcome to Mardi Gras 2009 photo selections of family and a first this year a cousin Faith came to town for Her first visit Mardi Gras 2009.  I also noticed that Gabby has a color preference in Her beads.  She likes purple and green most of the time sometimes she grabs a gold one too.

          In 2009 I went to El Paso, Texas to visit my two nieces Michelle and Doriann and Dora their Mother.  Would you believe that this year 2010 my youngest Niece Doriann and  boy friend Scott came to visit for the Mardi Gras since Doriann was 3 or 4 years old.  She was too young to remember but this year She went home with lots of memories and here is a few of the pictures I took of them while they were here.  Since 2009 Doriann and Scott came to visit they tied the knot and now Michelle has gone and done the same thing and this coming Nov 2015 I am going out there to see my nieces and Michelle's new daughter my Great Niece and Great Nephew and spoil the heck out of both of them

          Since the inception of this web site I have tried to expand it to include more of the Family, Relatives, and Friends into this collection of mine.  So here I go again with another addition with Cathy Nash our adopted daughter that Faye brought home to stay.  You see this relationship started way back in 1978 when we bought our first home which I still live in by the way.  My wife meet this little young teenage girl who live across the street  from us a we were moving in.  They became fast friends and most often when I came home from work there Cathy was with my wife.  I will stop here and continue with the story from Cathy's page of history.

          In this next section is some of my travels to other areas where I need to get some medical treatment.  In this case I went to the Michael E. DeBakey VA Medical Center in Houston, Texas.  I took sometime in writing up this event and how it all came about.  How it came about is a true story about how when they are checking you out for a previous procedure that you underwent they found some else that required their immediate attention since the object in question was not supposed to be there in the first place.  Here is my story about my stay at the VA in Houston, Texas the Doctors and Her Staff and the Nurses and my care givers and transporters to and from Houston, Texas.  I want to again show my appreciation and thanks for the treatment I received there and would in a moment tell anyone who is a Veteran not to pass up a chance to be treated at this hospital by it's Doctors, Nurses, and staff if you need anything medically to go there for treatment.

          If you have any comments send them to me The Southern Gentleman.

       Laissez Les bon Temps Roulez! 

Let the Good Times Roll

Come on down and let's PARTY

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