Sara's 2009 Summer Visit

        This year Sara came down for an extended summer time visit.  Would you believe a month and a half.  Well I think I will not got thru that one again for that amount of time.  Maybe a couple weeks or so but a month and a half???     The one of Sara's cousins came by and stayed with us for some quality and fun time.  Now that was something to go thru with two young Ladies to take care of beside breakfast, lunch, and dinners there were snacks to figure in for them to eat and drink.

        So as you will see they even helped me repair some of the roof by bringing shingles up to the roof.  That was a big help even if they only brought up about 4 or 5 shingles each in 3 or 4 trips each.   They then had to relax a bit while on the roof.

        Now comes the thing that happens to young Ladies after they graduate from High school.  They some times get hitched for various reason and LOVE is one of them.  Yes an about a year later Madison came into this work and I became a Great Grand Paw....



Two Ladies setting in front of the Church

As you can see they were dressd in dresses and high heals

Ready for Church

They had fun at Church that Sunday morning.

A personal shot

One of Sara's serious moments?

Sara dressed up to the tee's

Sara had gotten Her first pair of high heals that Saturday before Church so She had to practice walking in the hallway so She would be used to them for Sunday.

Two of Marrero's finest roofers

They really worked hard must have carried up 15 shingles to the roof for me that day.

One of the few together pic's

A happier moment before going to Stephie and Bill's home for a personal visit.

I wonder what She is thinking

Sara discoverying Herself in pictures.

My pink hat special

GrandPaw always gets something for me to wear during Mardi Gras visits.

Another picture with a different hat

Sara was trying to find Herself.

A Southern Ladies special hat

I had to see what this looked like on me. Actually this was Bridgett's hat from a previous Mardi Gras visit.

My wild side if you please

I had to see what they all looked like. Like shoes had to try them all on to see which one was me.