Sharon and family

            This is my youngest Sister Sharon.  This is Her family beginning with Larry Her husband and Sammy their Son.

            Sharon I am sorry for not placing more pictures of you and Larry and Sammie here as I did with the rest of the family and friends.  I will be adding them right after Mardi Gras this year along with links to your restaurant too.

            Well Sharon took a long trip up the Eastern coast of the US and ended up in and around New York where She visited Kimberly and Sara.  Her niece and GREAT NIECE.  Yes Sharon you are a great AUNT and I have fun letting you remember it too. No matter what we fuss about you are my youngest Sister and I will always love you.  So don't forget it. 

           Here is the latest additions to Sharon and Larry's pictorial collection,



Sharon and Sam

This was taken several years ago.

Aunts and Cousins

Uncle Larry

This is what a baby girl looks like Larry that Sharon would like to have.... This is also Gabbie's Great Uncle too...

This is my older Brother

Yes this is a picture of my older Brother when He was in the Navy a long time ago. He wasn't bad looking either...

My crazy Brother now

My Brother doing what He like to do best welcome you to the Mardi Gras.

Sharon and Kimberly

Last Mardi Gras Kim came down and visted Her dad and had a blast at the parades as you can see it was cold too....

The old video/pizza building

Yes they were very busy here on the corner til the bought the other two building.

The new video/pizza store

This is the second building they bought to expand their business ventures.

Last but not least

This points to a resturant that Ithink Larry and Sharon wanted to get into for a long time.

Orlando's Resturant

This is their resturant located on hiway 22 to Mandeville right past the red light across the bridge located on your right side you can't miss it.

A Cousin get together

This group shot of us was long over due to us not getting any younger and when our memories start fading we can look at these pictures of out family.

My Aunt Shirley

When went left for New York and all points East we had to stop by and see Aunt Shirly and got to see Cousin Paul Mareno

My cousin Paul Mareno

This is Aunt Shirley oldest son Paul.

Sammy meeting Ivy again

In a surprise visit to New York Sammy and I paid a surprise visit to my brothers daughter Kimberly, Sara, and Ivy.

First and second and third cousins

In this picture Sammy is meeting his first and second cousins living in New York.

My brother

Yes my brother in his younger years as a wanna be hippie. hehehe

My New York family

I had to have a picture of my family while I was visiting up the Eastern seaboard on my vacation of a life time.

Where our parents of long ago went

Yes Ellis Island where the Statue of Liberty stands tall today and people who want to enter into the United States legally pass through not the illegal eleven million.

The famous Erie canal

There are lots of stories of this canal from when it was built to the roaring 20's till now. How many barrels of illegal booze came through this canal?