Southern's Visitors to Naw'lins

          As you can see from the following pictures at least one Lady "Misty" came down for the Mardi Gras to have some fun.  During the Mardi Gras, myself, my family, and friends have set up several places where we can enjoy the parades without the hassles of intruders bothering us.  If you have looked at the Mardi Gras photo's you can see in a few of them we had places set up with viewing stands to enjoy the party and when it was all over we cleaned up things as it should be.


I took a streetcar to the party.

So take me away RTA.

I had a great tail gate party.

That's what they do just about any time there is a party being held somewhere.

I am bored waiting

This waiting does get boring at times....

Back off

I am patiently waitting for the parade to start to don't bug me I am here to have fun. hehehe

Where are the bead throwers at?

I thought there were going to be lots more beads than this being thrown????

Ok now this is more like it.

Finally they began to throw some beads to me and NO I didn't have to flash for them...

Well Southern said Mardi Gras was colorful

Now I ask you don't you think this bag is the cat's meow?

I just love my hat.

When Southern showed up at the airport He was wearing this hat I thought was so funny till He told me that this was for me to wear.

Hey down in front

Some people just can't be left out of the picture.

Misty with some of my cousins

Up here

Throw me something Mister

Can you see my belly button

Well Southern said act like the rest od the nuts here.

You sure get tired standing up for hours on end

So I climbed down to sit for a spell to rest my legs a bit.

Finally I get to have some cotton candy

Well She asked for some so I gave it to Her.

My home away from home

This is a fair rendition of a tree house in the swamps of old New Orleans.

How does my hair look?

In the olden days Ladies used all sorts of things to make themselves beautiful.

I told Her there were 3 pilings not 4

Now I have to go an fish Her out of the canal before the gators get to Her.

All packed but not ready to leave

Really Misty you have to go back home to your family.

Well I am packed so now what

I don't wanna go home would you come with me Southern????

If I thought for a second I could get away with it I would have been gone in a sec.

I don't want to go really!!!!

But your family is waitting at the airport for you Misty.

Yes here is my ticket

Southern do I have to go home>

The long walk home

Misty don't worry you will be comming back for another visit I promise you that.

It sure would be nice if Southern was taking me home...

This was the longest walk Misty ever had will visiting here.