TI-99/4A - My Project from Long Time Ago

     Here are some pictures of the TI equipment I had occupying the upstairs of my garage and computer room downstairs in my home .  So if you see anything that is of interest send me a note to The Southern Gentleman so we can see what we can do for you.  If you have any idea's how to make this a better place to exchange, trade, or sell TI stuff drop me a line so we can get something going on here.

    If you live close by E-mail me.  Let me know what you have I can come to some pick it up all at one price.  There is one system I have listed below that can be sold separately if you like but I can deal if you would like to take all of the TI equipment I have shown here.

     Well it seems that I might have a buyer for all this equipment?  Would believe that I have sold 98% of my collection so far?  I have looked around since then and have found a few more pieces of equipment like a side car disk drive controller box and a parallel and serial port side car.

     Live long and prosper

These were some of the TI carts I had.

I broke these apart into smaller pictures of this carts.

Oh I had several boxes of misc items too.

I had more boxes of diskettes than pictured here.

My system downstairs

This was my repair shop where I fixed up systems.

This is the 1st part I broke down the carts into several pictures.

This is the 2nd part I broke down the carts into.

This is the 1st part I broke down the carts into.

This is the 4th part I broke down the carts into.

Yes I even had a Geneve keyboard too.

My system had the Horizon memory board with 2.5 megs of memory too.

That was a lot in the middle 80's too.

My partial collection of PEB's I had.

This is part of my collection of PEB's ready to be used.

My collection of TI-994A's I had.

Some here and some in the attic.

Another picture of the memory board by Horizon.

My controller cards I had.

My CorComp and Myarc disk controllers.

I had 3 Myarc controller cards.

I had one setup in my system downstairs.

My upstairs system when my Wife put me in the Doghouse.

My dog house was a two story garage 20 by 30.

I had lots of books for all the equipment I had too.

I ran out of places to put the items.

So I put the extra stuff on my bed after filling the couch.

As you can see I filled the couch up.

So the next place was the bed.

I even found more diskettes.

A you can see here I found more hardware.